The Land of The Maharaja's Tours

13 Nights 14 Days
Places to visit:
Delhi - Shekhawati - Bikaner - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Ghanerao - Udaipur - Jojawar - Pushkar - Jaipur - Kesroli / Sariska - Delhi
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  1. Day 1Arrival in Delhi

    Arrival in Delhi at the Indira Gandhi International Airport and transport to a comfortable hotel in the heart of the city. Overnight stay in the hotel.

  2. Day 2 Delhi - Shekhawati (253kms/5hrs)

    We start our motorcycle tour with a 3 hour drive in a private vehicle from the western part of the state towards the land of Shekhawati. We discover its famous "fresco Havelis" or simply, painted palaces. The region is well known as the "Open art gallery of Rajasthan". The bikes are waiting for us in Behror. We enjoy our first ride of 170 Km around the area during which we familiarize ourselves with the functioning of the bike. We spend the night in Mandawa, a village in the middle of semi-arid surroundings. Overnight stay in a charming fort. In the past, Shekhawati was one of the most important bargaining centers for caravans coming from the ports of Gujarat to the South and from Asia Minor to the West of Rajasthan. Traditional villages make the Shekhawati province a charming place as yet unknown by many tourists.

  3. Day 3 Shekhawati - Bikaner (188kms/4hrs)

    We ride deeper into sandy landscapes, towards Bikaner. The road is good. Bikaner is located in the Thar Desert. As we visit its fortress and crowded streets, we are fascinated by its overwhelming liveliness. Overnight stay in the hotel.

  4. Day 4 Bikaner - Jaisalmer (331kms/7hrs)

    A long ride deeper into the Thar Desert, we are still riding on good roads. As we are in the proximity of Phalodi, it is not a rare sight to see antelopes on the edge of the road.At the end of the day, we reach Jaisalmer which dominates the desert horizon.Overnight stay in the hotel. Bishnois are ardent nature lovers. Inhabiting the arid region surrounding the town of Phalodi, Bishnois have gone to the extent of sacrificing their lives in order to protect the wildlife and trees. Despite being staunch Hindus Bishnois bury their dead kith and kin, not following the Hindu practice of cremating the dead so as to save trees. Bishnoi men stand apart with their large white turbans in contrast to the men of other tribes who sport colorful turbans. Women are dressed in bright hued saris and wear traditional gold nose rings.

  5. Day 5 Jaisalmer

    Visit to Jaisalmer.Surrounded by the desert, the imposing yellow city of Jaisalmer presents a striking picture of rich culture and architecture. Being en route to the Middle East of Asia, the city remained very prosperous until recent times. Present day revenue for Jaisalmer largely depends on tourism. Jain temples and palaces are the highlights of this sandy and mysterious city. We take a sneak peek at the beautiful havelis and bustling streets before leaving for a short motorbike ride to the Gadi Lake, the gardens and cenotaph of Barabagh.Overnight stay in the hotel.

  6. Day 6 Jaisalmer - Thar Desert (177 kms/ 3.20 hrs)

    In the morning we start towards the Thar Desert, visiting the Jain temple of Amarsagar on the way. Then follows something that you will remember as one of the best motorbiking experiences in your life: We head into the heart of the desert, on a sandy track amongst the sand dunes. To draw the maximum pleasure out of the desert and the sun set, we spend the night in fully equipped camps.Overnight stay in camp (equipped with tents, bedding and warm blankets).

  7. Day 7 Thar desert - Jodhpur (216 kms/ 4.20 hrs)

    After a night in the desert, we head east toward Jodhpur, the "blue city" of Brahmins (good roads for the last 100km). Overnight stay in the hotel.

  8. Day 8 Jodhpur - Ghanerao (152kms/3hrs)

    In the morning, we visit Jodhpur, learning fascinating facts, gaping in amazement at its historical Mehrangarh Fort and its gorgeous Umaid Bhawan Palace and catching a glimpse of life in Jodhpur while walking in the bustling, colorful, narrow alleys. In the afternoon, we head south to the ancient Mewar kingdom. Overnight stay in a charming fort built in 1606.

  9. Day 9Ghanerao - Udaipur (128kms/2.30hrs)

    We make a short stop at Ranakpur to visit its Jain temples that are as imposing as cathedrals and as white as ivory. Going up and down the boulders and small hills of Aravali Mounts, we reach the Venice of the East, "Udaipur" built around Pichola Lake. The ancient capital of the Mewar region, Udaipur is one of the highest cities above sea level with dense forest and rich green areas. Overnight stay in the hotel. Aravali Mount is a 700 km range, stretching from Gujarat to Delhi. Its south west part, in mewar province, is the highest, reaching up to 2000 m. This is also a very green and wooded part. The province allows you to discover lovely country scenes, such as women drawing water at a well, shepherds with their goats, nomad families belonging to the Gaduliya "gypsy" community on their carts pulled by donkeys…

  10. Day 10Udaipur - Jojawar (154kms/3hrs)

    After paying due homage to the beauty of Udaipur, we make an early departure going towards Khumbalagarh fortress which has the second longest wall after the Great Wall of China. We head to the city of Jojawar in the North. We scale the Aravali hills to reach the wide semi-arid plains of the Marwar region. Overnight stay in a fort.

  11. Day 11 Jojawar - Pushkar (176kms/3.30hrs)

    [6 H on the road – 200 Km] We move toward Pushkar, a small and very important pilgrimage site for Hindus. Built around a holy lake, Pushkar has the only temple dedicated to Brahma (the Creator in Hindu mythology). It is also famous for its annual Camel fair; Pushkar is a museum in itself. Overnight stay at the hotel.

  12. Day 12Pushkar - Jaipur (140 kms/ 3 hrs)

    Leaving Pushkar behind, we take good 4-lane roads to the pink city, Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. In the afternoon, you are free to visit the "pink city". Overnight stay at the hotel. Jaipur is known for its palaces, its jewelers and its liveliness The city was built in 1727, by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. One of the wealthiest cities of Historic India, today Jaipur is a beautiful and vibrant amalgam of modern times and ancient Indian culture. From Camel rides to swanky cars, multiplexes to boulevard shops, Jaipur gives a true picture of the princely state of Rajasthan.

  13. Day 13 Jojawar - Pushkar (176kms/3.30hrs)

    It is the last day of riding. We make a morning visit to Amber fort and then ride a few kilometers up north of Jaipur before taking small roads to the countryside fort of Kesroli. Overnight stay in a fort.

  14. Day 14Kesroli / Sariska - Delhi (214kms/4.20hrs)(176kms/3.30hrs)

    On this last day of the trip, we return to the hustle and bustle of Delhi in a private vehicle. Transport to the hotel. Rest/shower at the hotel. Drop off and farewells at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

  • Arrival in Delhi
  • Delhi - Shekhawati
  • Shekhawati - Bikaner
  • Bikaner - Jaisalmer
  • Jaisalmer
  • Jaisalmer - Thar Desert
  • Thar desert - Jodhpur
  • Jodhpur - Ghanerao
  • Ghanerao - Udaipur
  • Udaipur - Jojawar
  • Jojawar - Pushkar
  • Pushkar - Jaipur
  • Jaipur - Kesroli / Sariska
  • Kesroli / Sariska - Delhi